ISO26262- Funktionale Sicherheit

Kompetenz in der Funktionalen Sicherheit in der Kfz Elektronik nach ISO26262.

Unser Unternehmen bietet seit Anfang 2014 für Kunden Unterstützungsleistungen im Rahmen der Funktionalen Sicherheit nach ISO26262 an.

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Kreative Köpfe

Sind Sie ein kreativer Kopf? Karriere bei der SWE unter Stellenanzeigen. Wir zählen auf Sie!

Our Website is online!

swe-square60Since November 2011 we are online!... Please revisit our Webpage.

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SWEngineering GmbH designs and builds sophisticated systems for electric vehicles. Its activities are organised within two divisions.

Division one keeps responsibility for the development, in cooperation with our customers, of high-voltage and low voltage in-vehicle networks, and for the design of effective cooling systems for electric components. This work takes into account the need for reliability, homologation and safety.

SWEngineering assumes responsibility for project management in terms of technological and organisational interfaces. From the very outset we consider requirements for the certification of the electric powertrain. Using tailor-made development and validation testing programms, we ensure that customer requirements are implemented.

The second division leverages our broad development skill set to manufacture modules in form of prototypes and small scale production runs. On behalf of customers or our own initiative, we develop highly integrated modules for vehicle cooling and fuel cell systems.