ISO26262- Funktionale Sicherheit

Kompetenz in der Funktionalen Sicherheit in der Kfz Elektronik nach ISO26262.

Unser Unternehmen bietet seit Anfang 2014 für Kunden Unterstützungsleistungen im Rahmen der Funktionalen Sicherheit nach ISO26262 an.

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swe-square60Since November 2011 we are online!... Please revisit our Webpage.

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As an Engineering Consultant SWEngineering is concentrating on developments in the field of electrical drive trains. We use our sound knowledge for customer projects as well as our own developments. Our specific know how is in the following areas.

Lay Out, design, integration of electrical  drivetrain wire networks, including interface management to drive train components, safety analyses and certification processes

System concept, lay out and configuration of electrical power trains for maritime and mobile applications such as electrical driven buses, boats and vehicles

Selection of power train components (E-motor / Inverter / Batteries / Fuel Cells)

Lay out and integration of the entire electrical drive train

Lay out, development, integration and build of cooling systems for battery electric and fuel cell vehicles

Lay out, development, implementation of vehicle hydrogen systems

Compared to the internal combustion engine the electric drivetrain is just at the beginning of its vehicle specific development. Purpose vehicle and production design, drop of component complexity and integration, new materials and production methods are important aspects that need to be considered on the way to mass production. However modifications and optimization imply changes in component and system properties which may be considered a risk. Therefore the impact of modifications need to be tested as part of the development process. Test procedures developed for internal combustion engine drivetrains may be adopted for electrical drivetrains however need to be modified to the requirements of the new technology. SWEngineering keeps specific knowledge in this field and provides solutions in the following areas.

  • Design and implementation of development tests, e.g. parameter and system sensitivity studies
  • Derivation of component, system and vehicle Design Verification (DV) test programs from corresponding requirement specifications
  • Adaption of introduced and proven automotive environmental test procedures to fit battery and fuel cell vehicles specific test programs
  • Development of empirical performance models to use for fuel cell systems and/or components for characterization and simulation
  • Process implementation and operation support for structured failure review process in development programs

A focal point of our work and services is layed on system development for electrical drive trains. In this field we develop new ideas, concepts and products.

Specifically in the current state of low volume production of electrical vehicles, system engineering and module build provide great potential to reduce assembly complexity and cost.


Besides developing system technologies we do offer our customers to manufacture systems in low volumes. Our competences include flexibel system assembly, provision of specific end of line tests, supply chain handling and sourcing of complex parts in low volumes.

We utilize our knowledge in electrical drive train and fuel cell technology as well as the structured approach for the development of electrical vehicle systems to support our customers in the development and management of complex projects.

Your successfull project is our objective. 

  • Management of entire vehicle development as well as sub-systems with focus on electric drivetrain, fuel cell technology and integration development
  • Services for Hardware development for the traction motor, inverter, battery, auxiliaries, low and high voltage wiring as well as cooling systems 
  • Projectmanagement services i.e. concepts, detailed system layout, component selection and managment, commissioning of systems, planning and management of test, certification, production support and aftersales field services

Allocated capacities in the automotive industry for the development of electric vehicles compared to internal cumbustion engine driven ones today are fairly low. However the same level of product quality is required to ensure that electric vehicles become recognized as full scale quality cars by the customers.

SWEngineering recognized this situation for a while and created examples for clear development structures that have been tested and succesfully implemented in several projects.

Vehicle integration for us is not just putting an electric vehicle togeher but to develop a high class quality product by utilizing skills of a well structured and knowledgable development team.

The idea to operate vehicles with electricity is as old as the vehicle itself, however the electric drive train -so far- couldn´t make its way due to the limitations in storing electrical energy on board. Today the automotive industry is in agreement that future drive trains will be more and more electrified. Fuel Cell technology will play an essential role with this strategy, since just fuel cells operated with Hydrogen provide the option to realize an automotive suitable storage of electricity. SW-Engineering is in the position to develop and build entire fuel cell systems for the operation in vehicles. Very specific know how is provided in the following areas.

  • Stack design / Cathode - Anode operation / Watermanagement / Cooling / Freezing
  • Fuel Cell System design / System Modelling (including performance models)
  • Component development / selection - balance of plant
  • Stack / System interface and interface management
  • Operation Management / Specific Operation Modes (Start up - Shut down) - Load Cycling
  • Parameter Studies (DoE) for operation improvement
  • Operational live time improvements
  • Component / System Test programs / procedures
  • System Comissioning
  • System Enbedding in motive drivetrains