ISO26262- Funktionale Sicherheit

Kompetenz in der Funktionalen Sicherheit in der Kfz Elektronik nach ISO26262.

Unser Unternehmen bietet seit Anfang 2014 für Kunden Unterstützungsleistungen im Rahmen der Funktionalen Sicherheit nach ISO26262 an.

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Kreative Köpfe

Sind Sie ein kreativer Kopf? Karriere bei der SWE unter Stellenanzeigen. Wir zählen auf Sie!

Our Website is online!

swe-square60Since November 2011 we are online!... Please revisit our Webpage.

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As an Engineering Consultant SWEngineering is concentrating on developments in the field of electrical drive trains. We use our sound knowledge for customer projects as well as our own developments. Our specific know how is in the following areas.

Lay Out, design, integration of electrical  drivetrain wire networks, including interface management to drive train components, safety analyses and certification processes

System concept, lay out and configuration of electrical power trains for maritime and mobile applications such as electrical driven buses, boats and vehicles

Selection of power train components (E-motor / Inverter / Batteries / Fuel Cells)

Lay out and integration of the entire electrical drive train

Lay out, development, integration and build of cooling systems for battery electric and fuel cell vehicles

Lay out, development, implementation of vehicle hydrogen systems