ISO26262- Funktionale Sicherheit

Kompetenz in der Funktionalen Sicherheit in der Kfz Elektronik nach ISO26262.

Unser Unternehmen bietet seit Anfang 2014 für Kunden Unterstützungsleistungen im Rahmen der Funktionalen Sicherheit nach ISO26262 an.

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Kreative Köpfe

Sind Sie ein kreativer Kopf? Karriere bei der SWE unter Stellenanzeigen. Wir zählen auf Sie!

Our Website is online!

swe-square60Since November 2011 we are online!... Please revisit our Webpage.

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Allocated capacities in the automotive industry for the development of electric vehicles compared to internal cumbustion engine driven ones today are fairly low. However the same level of product quality is required to ensure that electric vehicles become recognized as full scale quality cars by the customers.

SWEngineering recognized this situation for a while and created examples for clear development structures that have been tested and succesfully implemented in several projects.

Vehicle integration for us is not just putting an electric vehicle togeher but to develop a high class quality product by utilizing skills of a well structured and knowledgable development team.